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8 to 24 Hours Before Your Tan...

Be sure to exfoliate for the best results! It does make a noticeable difference. Use an exfoliant without oil...a handful of sugar in the shower does nicely.

Do not apply anything oily to your skin like moisturizer, deodorant, or body oil.

You'll not want to get a wax or a manicure after your tan, so it's best to plan those before your visit to Bronze Boutique.

During Your Tan...

Based on the look you're going for, we'll formulate a custom tanning blend that will compliment your unique skin tone for the most natural looking tan.

We use the latest airbrush technology which atomizes the tanning solution into a very fine mist. Your spray tan will be meticulously applied and contoured to your body. Instant results!

You're in and out (and gorgeous) in the neighborhood of 10 minutes!

Stay dry for 6-8 hours after your session (quicker results with "Fast Bronze").

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing while your tan is developing (ideally cotton, and not synthetic fiber-based clothing). Refrain from wearing tight fitting bras, sports bras, or shoes.

We'll provide you post-tan tips for maintaining your tan after your session.

Enjoy your healthy glow for the next 5-10 days!

After Your Tan...

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